The BEST Saddlebag Mounting System On The Market


Pictured In Photo below: #1 the standard spring clip. Which is attached to the saddle bag mounting flange by a thin piece of steel that has a very narrow area.

In Photo #2 Over time, normal wear and tear and the vibrations of the bike this area wears away and falls off, releasing the pin and the saddle from its mounting flange.

This is Bagger Bolts secure mounting hardware, it will provide you peace of mind,

 security and significantly increase the load capicity of your Harley Bagger

Each rider is ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of their own motorcycle. Just like checking your oil level and tire pressures, you should also check you BaggerBolts™  regularly for proper attachment.

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These are not parts you buy at your local big box chain hardware store. These are case hardened Stainless Steel bolts, the same tensile strength that hold your floorboard brackets and passenger peg mounts on. 

The U-nut is solid steel not pot metal like the hardware at the Big Box chain stores, that would leave you stranded with a big problem out on the road when they strip. BAGGERBOLTS™ will absolutely never strip no matter how tight you make them! 

We include a proprietary 1/4 drive ratchet & hardened steel hex bit which makes it so much faster then using

any other Allen key application that require you to empty your bags on the side of the road.

A lot of R&D went into this, and as you can see in the picture of Tony above we not only stand by our product, WE CAN STAND ON IT!  All backed by a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee! 

Our NEW saddlebag security kit takes minutes to install and prevents the bags from falling off due to overloading or weakening of those standard factory spring clips. (See picture below) Bagger Bolts™ will significantly increase the load capacity, security and theft protection of your saddlebags and their contents. Unlike the standard factory spring clips, with Bagger Bolts™ it is impossible to remove your locked saddlebags from the outside without destroying them in the process, rendering your saddlebags useless to would be thieves. Even with this added strength and security you will be able to attach and detach your saddlebags in a mater of seconds with our specially designed ratcheting tool, included in this kit. 

Fits ALL Harley-Davidson Touring Bikes with Hard Saddlebags, 2000-2017

Pictured below are close -up's of the  2 saddlebag locking pins. Pin #1 is approx 2 years old, Pin #2 6 Months old. You can easily see how Pin #1's Hooked end has opened losing its ability to tightly lock into the spring clip anymore. This again is normal wear and having our bags slightly overloaded like most of us do...

Lifetime Free replacment on ALL parts, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

All backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee on ALL parts, including ratchet 

On Sale NOW $25.00 

This is the standard spring clip found on every Harley-Davidson Bagger, from 1993 to Present

* BAGGER BOLTS™ doesn't recommend riding in your saddlebags!