Each rider is ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of their own motorcycle. Just like checking your oil level and tire pressures, you should also check you BaggerBolts™  regularly for proper attachment.



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Bagger Bolts 

The name says it all.  Talk about an idea that jumps up  and hits you it the head.  Well the epiphany was when we were in a group ride and someone in our group hit a bump and off flew his saddlebag and nearly hit me in the head I said there has to be a better way.  This story is about two guys,  Joe and Tony.  We are not guys that sit in an office and design things on a computer for a living, we are not rich entrepreneurs. We are basically bikers with mechanical backgrounds that have a passion for riding and being safe. Together we ride about  30,000 miles a year, so we are not part time riders.  We have seen many of our friends have their bags stolen, and today Saddle Bags are a hot commodity on the  black market. Problem with factory stock spring clips that currently hold you bags on is that  they can be popped off a bike in seconds even if your bag lids are locked. They also wear out from normal bike vibrations making them weak and ineffective. If your lids are left open they can be removed in 10 seconds flat by hand. Our Bagger Bolt System eliminates the possibility of the bags being removed from the outside entirely and if your lids are open like most of us leave they cannot be removed unless the proprietary tool is used to remove the bolts. With the tool you will be able to remove you own bags into under a minute. Once a would be thief sees that they are secured he most likely will just run and abandon his desire to try. Average saddle bags can range in value from a few thousand to upwards of $7000 for CVO models. And never mind the value of the contents, we all carry a small fortune in them. This is the only system that improves the function and performance of your saddlebags in every way possible. 
Our product is backed with a lifetime guarantee against defects, and we as bikers stand by our word. If you are not completely satisfied with our product or feel we didn't describe it properly, send it back for a full refund.
Once you try our product, please send us your opinion.  Thanks, Tony  

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I wouldnt trust my CVO Saddlebags with ANYTHING other then BAGGERBOLTS. 

If you own a Harley-Davidson Bagger, THEN YOU NEED BAGGER BOLTS.™ - Joe C

Lifetime Free replacment on ALL parts, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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